Energy Saving for Quarries

At IDS we are well versed in supporting quarry sites with variable speed drive technology in order to save energy.

Energy Saving for Quarries

For many organisations, energy is one of the top 3 costs! The energy saving potential of variable speed drives is well documented, but how do you really know what can be saved on each application (we achieve particularly good energy saving results when applying variable speed drives to pumps and fans)? The answer is simple: with an electric motor energy survey from IDS we will visit your site, assess the applications and provide conservative calculations with predicted payback periods. We are happy to assess individual applications as well as entire sites with varied applications.

Inverters for Quarries

Should you experience downtime due to a variable speed drive failure then call us on 0115 944 1036 we are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week 364 days a year. Technical advice can be given over the phone, we can arrange for a site visit, a hire drive can be supplied from our huge range to enable production to restart as quickly as possible, whilst we remove and repair the drive. Should the drive need to be replaced we have £400k of new variable speed drives in stock at all times, this means we are more than likely to have a replacement drive ready and waiting to go. Because we are an ABB VP, we also have access to ABB knowledge and technical support as well as preferential supply lines.

Of course, the best way to avoid loss of production is to maintain and service your drives. ABB have a recommended schedule of preventative maintenance and we are authorised to carry these out on their behalf. Regular servicing will prolong the life of your variable speed drives and will help to prevent unplanned downtime.

Inverters for Quarries – What Applications?

Essentially, any application driven by an electric motor can benefit from variable speed drive control.

We have been particularly successful for our Quarry clients when we apply inverter technology to:

  • Crushers
  • Grinders
  • Conveyors
  • Pumps
  • Cyclone pumps
  • Feeders

Working with IDS

Inverters for Quarries: At IDS we specify, supply, install, commission, service, repair and hire ABB variable speed drives. We work with quarries, supporting each site with our 24/7 breakdown cover, we carry a huge stock of drives and have them ready to fit should one of yours go wrong. We also have a large range of hire drives, run a preventative maintenance service and are on hand 24/7 for technical advice and support. To see how we can help your quarry, call us on 0115 944 1036 or email